Filmpje – what a drag | Life of Bun collaboration

Hi daar, leuk dat je mijn blog bezoekt! Sinds een poosje ben ik verhuisd! Je vindt al mijn posts (inclusief deze!) op tot zo!

Yay! I can finally share the video I’ve worked so hard on and have been so excited about! First off, you’ve probably noticed this post is in English – doh. It’s because I’m a kind person and this post is a collaboration with LifeofBun, who has many English-speaking followers. Now I don’t know if they’re even going to visit my blog, but just in case, I’m going to do this post in English – just this one! No worries ;)

So last week I turned myself into a guy who wants to look like a girl. Er, wut? That’s right! I did a drag queen look, sort of. I shaped, and shaped, and shaped, and made a really (actually kind of gorgeous) over-the-top eyelook, and even applied fake eyelashes. Oh em gee. And for your benefit, I taped the whole experience for you to watch and giggle over – these fake eyelashes really did not agree with me.

Anyway, have fun watching the video and let me know what you think!

This is the edited version of the video. Because the editing program I used wasn’t very nice, it took away my HD :( so the edited version is not in HD, and the sound quality is also a little off. You can watch the full, unedited video below – and skip and fast forward whenever you feel like it ;)

This is the look I ended up with:

So manly…

So me :)

And it’s inspired by this look, featured in LifeofBun’s post on drag queen looks, which you can find here. Obviously, I could have used a little tan.

And this is the mess I made. Oops ;)

What do you think of the look I created? Have you ever been in a serious fight with fake eyelashes?


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18 gedachtes over “Filmpje – what a drag | Life of Bun collaboration

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  2. Holy crap jij spreekt vlot Engels.. oO kvond het super dat jij meteen reageerde dat je mee wou doen. Dr is toch iets bonding-achtig aan elkaars posts en filmpjes zien dan he. ^_^ you rock girlyy :) cool gedaan! En word ook nog steeds zenuwachtig van fake lashes. Op andere mensen doen gaat dus effectief 10x gemakkelijker.. -_-

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  4. Ik vind het echt heel leuk gedaan. Ik vind het nog hartstikke draagbaar eigenlijk. Iets minder in de binnenste ooghoek misschien maar voor de rest zou ik het gewoon in het dagelijks leven nog wel eens proberen zo’n look. Haha. Erg leuk gedaan! Je Engels is trouwens ook prettig. Niet dat oer-Hollandse camping Engels. Haha.

  5. Geweldig :-) haha ! Je ziet er toch meteen een beetje anders uit :-p ik heb in ieder geval nog nooit valse wimpers gebruikt :-). Eneh, dat Engels gaat je goed af meid! Vlotjes :-) Ik moest er wel meer mijn concentratie bijhouden ;-)

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